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CHAYAH 4 The Chosen!

Nov 17, 2017

Firmware is a software program or set of instructions programmed on a hardware device. It provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with the other computer hardware.

This discussion is based on FOUR protocols:

  1. the necessity of the upgrades,
  2. what types of upgrades and
  3. the reason for the...

Nov 10, 2017

Yehweh's User Manual: Life Time Warranty

Whenever we purchase a household item, be it electronics, something for the kitchen, something of personal use even medications there is always a user operation manual & safety instructions given. Introduction, if you will, of what you have purchased.  At times you will see a...

Nov 3, 2017

It's Not All About The Candy

We should not celebrate Halloween, but do we know why?

When I was a child, Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year. I loved dressing up, going out trick-or-treating, and enjoying the other festivities. By His Grace! once you come unto the knowledge or revelation of something, you...