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CHAYAH 4 The Chosen!

Dec 5, 2014


In war, truth is the first casualty.  In addition, since we are not of the world, we have been listed as Militia and/or Rebels.

 We face three formidable foes:

1.     HaSatan for which we need a Protected Mind

2.     System of the World for which we need a Renewed Mind

3.     Sinful Self for which we need a Disciplined Mind

We are at war with the most formidable foe imaginable. His mission is to destroy our faith in God.  HaSatan (Satan) is not some mythical character with horns, tail, and pitchfork.  He is very sophisticated and specialized.

He is the greatest tactician commander of all times.  Biblical descriptions of HaSatan include everything from an angel of light to a ravenous beast.


There is a "BONUS" file entitled "A Warriors Prayer

Join me for this first episode!


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